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last update January 28, 2016



Many of us crossing the threshold of fifty arrive at a phase in our lives when we think more carefully about things that seemed unimportant during earlier periods in our life. Sometimes we are still working but can see the sunset of our career but more often we are already retired, sometimes voluntarily and sometimes before we are ready. If wise or lucky, we have paid off or nearly paid off the big ticket life debts like the mortgage and educating our children.

We can become preoccupied with what we've accomplished and what comes next; what we're leaving behind and what has been passed on in our DNA and what has passed on of what we've learned and what we believe.

It is a passage in life that is psychologically challenging and changes our behaviour in unpredictable ways which the people around us, especially partners and dependents, find difficult.

It is a time when belief becomes more important in the scheme of every day life. Just as we carry a gentic code, stored in chromosones and DNA, it is possible that belief can also be carried along with it. When we move from one place to another,across the street or around the world, we carry our beliefs just as we carry our genes.

The nihilists among us might suggest we carry our beliefs in the brain, the spiritualists, the soul. So where in the brain are beliefs stored? Where in us does the soul reside? We know which part of the brain governs memory, but we have yet to find the area that governs belief.

Here in The Magic Helix we explore beliefs and their influence on our lives because we make important decisions based upon what we believe and therefore it behooves us to understand those beliefs. In our evolving and revolving universe incidents are never repeated but they can be remembered in any number of versions.

The Magic Helix is a place where beliefs that have formed out of memories and experiences are presented to entertain, educate and enlighten.

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