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In ages past, in a land of magic, a young fisherman was trying his luck in a high mountain lake.

As he sat with line and lure, seven heavenly maidens descended from the sky. Slipping their hagoromo (cloak of feathers) from their shoulders and hanging them on the branches of a gnarled pine, they stepped into the emerald water to bathe.

The young fisherman fell in love with one maiden in particular. He lifted her hagoromo from the branches and covered it with plum blossoms.

Search as the maiden might, she could not find her feathers and had no choice but to stay behind as her sisters rose up into the rainbow heavens.

As time passed she accepted her life on the lake and came to love the fisherman. They married and had a son but she dreamed of heaven and her sisters. However, when the moon was full and on the day of the star festival, she would cry.

One day as she cleaned her husband’s fish, her son began to sing a strange lullaby. The song told of a ‘hagoromo’ hidden beneath the plum blossoms. She pushed aside the blossoms at her feet and found the feathered hagoromo.

Her joy of finding her 'hagoromo' was mixed with sorrow of the realisation that only one person could wear the magic cloth and fly. With tears in her eyes she placed the feathered garment about her slender shoulders and began to float towards heaven. As she rose across a glorious sunset, she saw her son playing by the emerald lake and shed crystal tears.

The fisherman understood nothing. He was filled with grief and began to destroy his house. In the midst of his fit of rage he found the seed of a moonflower which his wife had left behind and it calmed him.

He planted the seed and it grew as their son grew and became stout and strong and strangled the gnarled pine.

After his son ventured forth to seek his own fortune, the Fisherman climbed the sprouted vine, and arrived in the heavens where he found his wife in beauty undiminished.

They lived in heaven as the star ‘Vega’, the fallen eagle, and the star ‘Altair’, the flying eagle.

And their son became a powerful and generous king and his people prospered.


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